Happy Easter 2017! Wyatt’s First Easter!

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April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

Easter 2017 and Wyatt’s First Easter!

It is so hard for me to believe that last Easter I was still VERY pregnant and we were counting down the days until our due date.  Now, we are a little family of 3 and this was Wyatt’s First Easter!  I think he enjoyed himself a bit!   We went up to my parent’s for our Easter celebration and my sister Heather’s 33rd Birthday!  Her birthday is the 16th, so it fell right on Easter this year.    We headed up to my parents in the morning and by noon we were all chatting away and enjoying snacks like fruit and chex mix. Chex Mix is amazing. I could live off of it.  Wyatt got to have his first little bite of chex mix as well and he was a fan!

The kids all opened up their baskets to see what goodies the Easter Bunny had left them.  We ended up and did Wyatt’s basket at my parent’s house because we didn’t have time in the morning to do his basket at our house.  I wanted him in his cute little Easter outfit and it just didn’t happen at our house.  So, we brought his basket of goodies up and he opened everything while his cousins were opening their basket from my parents.  Wyatt was way more interested in what the other boys were doing then his basket, but oh well! He seemed to enjoy a couple items in the basket!  I was pretty proud of the 3 little wooden bunnies that I bought off of Etsy for him.  I love how they nest together and it’s a baby bunny, mama bunny, and papa bunny.  I am banking on the fact that he will appreciate it later on in life haha.

Once all of the baskets were opened we were onto The Great Egg Hunt.  I was in charge of hiding Andrew’s eggs, Scott had Ethan’s eggs, Heather had Owen’s and my mom had Wyatts.  Yes, Wyatt got 4 eggs to find!  I shared some of our Easter egg hunting fun on our Instastories.   So, if you are reading this on Monday morning then you might still be able to go check out our Instastories and see the fun!

Wyatt got a work out as we are working with him and his walking skills.  He can’t wait by himself yet and has yet to take his first steps by himself… but he is pretty close to it!  In the next month, we are probably going to have a walker on our hands!  Just last week he really started to pull himself up to a standing position from sitting and stand by himself for more than 5 seconds without holding onto anything.  He took a step towards my dad on Sunday without holding on and he has done that one other time at our house before he either grabbed onto us or fell down.  It will be so much fun when he starts walking! He is a fast crawler, so I can only imagine how quick he will be when he is walking!

Enjoy the pictures from our Easter Sunday!

Fun side note –  Our crabapple trees are blooming in our front yard.  We have 2 of them and they are 2 totally different crabapples.  My Grandpa planted them and I don’t know if they were supposed to be the same tree or different trees. They bloom about a week apart and one is super pink/magenta and the other one is white with just a hint of pink.  The pink/magenta tree was blooming in full force this past week and the other white one is just starting to bloom!


Wyatt is trying to figure out which person he should attempt to walk to – Ethan, my dad or Scott!


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