Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!!

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April 24, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!


Wyatt Turns One Year Old


It is so strange to me to think about the fact that exactly one year ago at 12:07 p.m. I was holding a newborn little boy. The 35 hours before that moment were full of tons of emotions and some of them I have forgotten a little bit, but others are still strong in my mind. I always heard that after you give birth you soon forget any trauma that happened. HaHa! I think it has subsided a little bit, but it isn’t all the way gone. If you haven’t read his full birth story, then you can read it here. Being in labor for 35 hours only to end up in a C-section isn’t what we planned, but he got here anyway and was a healthy baby boy!


He ended up keeping all of the hair he was born with and it just kept growing! I have cut his hair twice now to try and maintain it, but I know soon we will have to go to a real salon to have it cut, because my goodness, he has hair!


It is so much fun to see his big personality come through. He is such a people person. He is a flirt! I can only imagine how his personality is going to evolve when he already smiles, chats and flirts with every girl he sees! He is such a ham, and I think his little orneriness is going to come through even more in the years to come. He totally knows when he is doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing, and he smiles while he’s doing it.


He has grown so much in a year. He was 21.5” when he was born and now he is 31”. It is crazy that he grew that much! He used to fit completely on my lap and now when he sits on my lap his knees hang over my knee! I remember watching his little legs grow and thinking to myself that soon instead of his feet touching my knee it will be his knees and then his thighs as he keeps growing.


It is so much fun to watch him figure out new things. The other night he got a bottle that had a screw lid and he knew the lid went on the top of the bottle, but he couldn’t get the motion of twisting it on. He wanted to just push it on and pull it off. He was getting so upset and was starting to cry every time he wanted to put the cap on and it wouldn’t go on.


I also changed the cover on his changing pad to a Monkey and that freaked him out, haha. He has never been scared of it before, but he kept looking at it and he wouldn’t sit on the monkey. He kept climbing off the changing pad into Scott’s arms to get away from the monkey. I put another blanket down to cover up the monkey and he still would not sit on it! He knew that evil monkey was still there! Luckily, by morning, he had forgotten about the monkey and laid on the changing pad with no issues.


He has learned how to wave, but mostly only does to Scott and I. He will give high-fives to Scott and I as well. He actually learned to clap on his 1st birthday so that was an awesome milestone to hit this morning!


He is also walking now like a pro! We had practiced a lot at Easter and a couple days after he took his first steps by himself! Now he is a walking machine! He still can not run yet, but that’s okay!


I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for him! I can’t believe that I am a mom to a toddler now! He isn’t a baby anymore! He is seriously starting to look like a toddler now, which is just crazy. I still can’t believe it all!


Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!



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