Yay!! I am so glad you are here!  Grab a cup of coffee while I grab my favorite coconut milk mocha macchiato! 

I love getting to know our couples and the perfect starting point to get to know you, is to learn more about me!  I started Pipers Photography while in college at The Ohio State University studying for Interior Space Design.  I quickly fell more in love with wedding photography than interior design.  I jumped right into the business full time once I graduated with my BS in Interior Design.  Photography and design are just the tip of the iceberg on my favorite things.  Scroll down to learn more about my favorite things! 

Chips & Salsa

Fast Favs:

anything coconut

Caprese Sandwiches

lilly pulitzer


Our two adorable kids! Wyatt was born in 2016 and Lily in 2019.  They are both beach loving kid who have SO. MUCH. ENERGY! They keeps us on our toes and are a total JOY!  Wyatt is in 1st grade right now and loving it. Lily love to make everyone laugh and make silly faces. 

Get to know us!

Our kids


I have always loved going to the beach and playing in the surf.  My family takes a trip to the beach every year and I always can not wait for the beach trip!  I love having my toes in the sand, the salty air blowing off the ocean and the warm breeze with the smell of coconut sunscreen.  The ocean is always going to be my favorite place to visit no matter what.  One day I would love to live at the beach! I just have to convince Scott! 

Patio Sitting

We love to sit on the patios and enjoy the summer mornings and evenings together.  I love working on the back patio especially. I'll bring a cup of coffee, with my computer, and just enjoy working before Wyatt wakes up and the sun is rising.  However, The front patio is my favorite because we have a nice little view of the town, and we can enjoy the nice summer nights on the Adirondack chairs dreaming of the beach. 

The Border Collie

Bentley was the first man in my life, as we have been strong for 8 years now.   Scott happily adopted him as his furry son when we got married in 2015.  Bentley loves tennis Balls, bacon, cheese (he has that in common with Scott and Wyatt),  Loves long walks and chasing anything that moves or he can herd.  His best friend is Wyatt, and he enjoys any food that drops from Wyatt's hands. 
p.s - This photo is from our engagement session in 2014! 


We travel a lot and one thing I love to bring back from our travels is handmade art.  Our home is decorated and filled with beautiful paintings, ceramic vases, photographs and textiles from the places we have been.  I love supporting local artist from the destinations we travel and bringing home their beautiful artwork reminds me how much fun we had while traveling!  The vase to the right is from NC and it is a special glaze  process called crystalline.

My fav Non-wedding

Weekend Plans

My favorite nonwedding weekend plans involve brewing coffee from Maui that I ground up the day prior. Then, make chocolate chip pancakes for the kids while they watch Bluey. The kids LOVE to add the mini chocolate chips to the batter.

Later, we grab our pool bag after lunch to spend the afternoon poolside or lakeside. Fall time? Perfect! We are heading to the nearest orchard to pick some apples or our favorite flower farm to cut zinnias. 

Scott and I go out on a date night! Drop the little ones off at the grandparent's house so we can go to our favorite restaurant. Smoked manhattan for me with Moroccan Mahi and fresh veggies while Scott orders a bourbon and some lobster or steak. Scott always lets me pick dessert, so naturally, I have to go with a crème brulée. 

We pick up the kids and head home. Tuck the kids into bed and read a story before they fall asleep. Then, Scott and I grab blankets to sit on the patio to hang out or snuggle under the duvet cover to read the latest book on the nightstand. 

It began with an email

Scott and I met on eHarmony in 2013.  I actually emailed him first! I saw his picture and thought he was pretty cute.  Read through his profile and it wasn't bad. So, I sent the first email and pretty much the rest is history.  We sent ridiculously long emails back and forth until finally chatting on the phone the phone calls were hours long!  It took us a couple weeks to actually meet up just because of my wedding schedule. 

Our first date was to a driving range.  I always liked to keep the first date super casual with an activity, just in case there isn't a  spark, at least we had the activity to fall back on! Luckily, we didn't have that issue.  I am pretty sure we were talking so much at the driving range the golfers around us ended up leaving before their baskets were empty! Oops!  He brought me a little gift on our first date - it was a little bottle of Orange Juice because I said I drank orange juice every morning (that has stopped, I got tired of Orange juice when I was pregnant with Wyatt! Haha!).  We went to dinner after the driving range and from there spent as much time together as possible.




The proposal




Scott planned a trip to Roanoke, Virginia to have me meet his childhood friend Justin, and his wife Caitlin.  We were actually planning several trips in 2014 to where we were traveling out of state almost every month between destination engagements, destination weddings, family vacations and little weekend getaways.  He was super adamant that we go to Virginia!

I may have known a proposal was coming, I just didn't know when.  We had looked at some engagement bands, and I told him I wanted a pear diamond shape.  I have seen a lot of rings over the years and totally had a preference! 

We went to Virginia, and on the first evening there we were going to "meet" up with his friend Justin, but he ended up calling last minute saying that he "couldn't make it" to meet us; however, we should go ahead and head up to The Star without him, because we just have to see it!  ( We found out the next day he was in line at Chipotle getting dinner when he called us! Haha!)  

We went out to the star! Magically, all the people that were looking at the overlook left right when we got there.  Scott told me to take some pictures of the overlook, and when I turned around, he was on one knee and asking me to marry him!  I said Yes! 

The wedding




I knew I had always wanted a beach wedding.  It was my dream to get married on the beach, and luckily Scott enjoyed the beach as well. I don't think he thought about getting married on a beach, but he was more than happy to fulfill my request for getting married on the beach.

We were married on May 5th, 2015 on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.    If you happen to look up that date on a calendar you will see that it was a Tuesday!   All of the houses switched on the weekends, so our idea of having the ceremony by the ocean and the reception on the decks of the house was only going to happen if we got married during the week.  

The wedding was beautiful and everything that we had hoped for.  It was a gorgeous day with sun and some clouds, not too hot, and a perfect ocean breeze.  We did a first look and I loved it!! It was perfect being able to spend a couple moments with him without anyone else around us.  We said our vows by the crashing ocean waves and had our first dance at sunset on the decks of the beach house with our family and friends watching us. 

The day was so perfect in every way, and even though we had some random hiccups which always happen on a wedding day (the table for the sand ceremony went missing at the house moments before the ceremony!) it was a great day and I am so happy we are husband and wife! 




Fast forward to 2022 and we now have 2 kids! Wyatt who was born in April 2016 and Lily who was born August 2019!
 We still live in the country at my late Grandfathers home that we have renovated and made it our own little slice of heaven.    We have our adorable dog Bentley and 2 cats - Toffee and Spidey (named after Spiderman - he is Spidey-cat)

We love to spend family time together doing fun activities or just hanging on the couch and watching the latest Disney movie.  We enjoy taking family vacations and letting the kids see the world outside of Ohio.  I can't wait to see what our next adventure is! 



My husband, Scott joined Pipers Photography in 2013 as my second photographer and business partner. He graduated from Pickerington High School in 2002, and from the University of Dayton in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He is a numbers guy! He is a lover of cheese, traveling, food adventures, the Buffalo Bills, camping, woodworking, and spending time with our family.  He loves doing yardwork, although he may have ongoing struggles with weeds! 

A few of our favorites

Traveling the world together

We love to travel the world together.  We honeymooned in Maui and O'ahu for 2 weeks after our wedding.  We plan to go back to Maui again very soon to soak it up, since we loved it so much!  Our travel list is so long, and we can't wait to get to all the amazing places.  If you ever want to talk travel with us, we are more than happy to!

A few of Scott's favorites

Buffalo Bills

Scott has had a love for Buffalo Bills since he was a kid.  To put it frankly... he is obsessed with them.  He was super excited last year when they got to the playoffs!  He enjoys catching their games on Sundays during Football season, and we can only hope that there will be another year when they go to the SuperBowl. 

A few of Scott's favorites


If Scott could marry cheese, he would!  Maybe after he married The Buffalo Bills. He loves cheese, almost any kind, it does not matter. His favorite is pepper jack! I think his cheese gene rolled into Wyatt because he also has a fascination with cheese; however, he loves when it is shredded and uses it as cheese confetti when he is done eating it. 

A few of Scott's favorites


Scott took up biking a couple years before we met and love it so much! He still enjoys biking when he can, but it has changed a little bit.  Instead of zipping along at 20mph he now goes a nice leisurely speed as he pulls along Wyatt in the bike trailer.  His biking has changed, but I am pretty sure it is safe to say he enjoys the change! 

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Weddings and Engagement sessions are very important to us.  I have been photographing weddings and engagements for over 10 years and it is my passion.  Scott has been with the business, since 2013 and loves it! He loves getting to know the grooms on the wedding day, just as much as I enjoy spending time with bride and getting to know you both over the course of a year or more, as I help you plan your wedding day photos.  

Nothing gives us more satisfaction then knowing that we have served our couples completely and to the highest of our abilities.  


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Laughing is the best thing ever. We try to have laughter in our marriage always, and I love to see our couples enjoying laughter and having fun as well.  Seeing our couples joyfully laughing with each other during the engagement session and wedding is a beautiful thing. 

Laughter is the best

Give each other grace 

Hiccups will happen in a marriage. Not every day is perfect and there are going to be valleys and hills.  It is life and giving each other grace to not be perfect, but to love the flaws make life even better.  When it gets crazy go for a walk together, change your perspective, eat ice cream! 

We believe through the entire wedding planning process you should enjoy each other.  Wedding planning can be stressful, however it is more about the marriage that comes after the wedding.  The wedding only lasts for one day and your marriage lasts your entire life. Love each other throughout all aspects of the process. 

Love Each other