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April 14, 2017

Top 3 Reasons to do a First Look

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Top 3 Reasons to do a First Look


The Benefits of Having a First Look


I really enjoy First Looks, and for so many reasons. I enjoy them so much that Scott and I did a First Look for our wedding day.  If you have never heard of a First Look let me explain a little. A First Look is when you and your Groom see each other before the ceremony. This is a special time for both of you and I am excited to share all the benefits of having a First Look!


There were several reasons why we had a First Look, but mainly, it was important because of where our ceremony was to be, and how it was going to happen. We got married on Hatteras Island in North Carolina right on the beach in front of the ocean, which means I had to walk up and down a pretty big sand dune to get to the ceremony site. Without the First Look, Scott and I would have seen each other for the first time right before the ceremony from pretty far away, about 150 feet away. I wanted to be near him when he saw me for the first time so I could see his reaction to my dress and my hair and how I looked. From so far away the impression would have been lost, and I didn’t want that. Seeing his reaction close up was more important to me than if we saw each other for the first time minutes before we said our vows.


We did a First Look and I loved it. It was just Scott and I on the beach with our photographers and both of us had the chance to see each other’s reaction up close and have a few minutes together to say hi and talk before the ceremony started.


Over half of our couples want First Looks and I am always so excited when they want to do one. If you are someone who does not want to do a First Look – that is totally fine! Like I said, over half of our couples do them, but that still means there are many couples who do not want to do a First Look. We are happy to work with them to add more time during their sunset portraits to get some extra shots in!


Here are the top 3 reasons to do a First Look.


  1. You get to see his first reaction up close and in private. This is HUGE! Without a First Look, you get to see his reaction when you walk down the aisle, but so does every single person you invited to your wedding. You might want that, but a lot of our couples really love the fact that the First Look is an intimate, private moment with each other where you can say hi, share a hug and maybe even a kiss (if you want!), calm the nerves, laugh together, and just enjoy the fact that in 60 minutes you will be husband and wife! This is the first time all day that you have been able to be together! When you are at the alter you are not able to embrace each other, ask how one another is doing or tell the person you love how gorgeous they look. These moments do not happen at the alter, since the minister immediately starts the ceremony.


  1. You get more portrait time! As a photographer, I love this! When you do a First Look we take several pictures of just you two after the First Look and then add in your wedding party for formal shots with them! This is awesome because we are not in a time crunch since this is all happening before the ceremony. You get more time to hang out with your wedding party instead of just trying to rush it all into 30 minutes after the ceremony. A lot of our couples will plan lots of time after the First Look so they can actually hang out with their wedding party!


  1. Calms Your Nerves! There is so much planning and preparing that goes into your wedding day. Taking little moments here and there to slow down and just take it all in really helps you to remember your day, and it calms your nerves. The man you are about to marry probably has some nerves going a little crazy before meeting you at the alter, and you probably have some nerves too, or at least nerves from being so excited!! Who is better at calming your nerves and leveling you? The person you are about to meet at the alter! By seeing each other before you reach the alter you have time to calm each other’s nerves. Several of our couples use this time to pray together and really take in the moment of what is about to happen and how it is going to enrich their lives and propel their relationship into the future. These moments of being together you do not get back at any time during the wedding day. Yes, you can most likely have your bridesmaids calm you, or the groomsmen can give you one last pat on the back to ease your nerves, but it doesn’t take them away. Seeing the person you are totally head over heals in love with calms you and levels you out, so that when you walk down the aisle you won’t be nervous, you’ll be excited that you are finally on the verge of being able to say you are husband and wife!


Those are my top 3 tips for why you should do a First Look. If you are not into First Looks, that is totally okay! We never want to push a First Look on a couple who isn’t interested in one, but we like them to know it is an option. All of our wedding days are different, we just know that we love First Looks and more then half of our couples do as well!


Top 3 reasons to do a first look Top 3 reasons to do a first look Top 3 reasons to do a first look


This is an image from Chelsea walking with her dad down the aisle during the ceremony – Even though Brian and Chelsea did a First Look, both of them teared up while she came down the aisle.  Top 3 reasons to do a first look




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