Why I Love Photographing Weddings and Engagements

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April 30, 2018

Why I Love Photographing Weddings and Engagement Sessions

The reason behind why I love what I do!


This blog post has been a long time coming. Too long probably!  I think it is pretty important to know why you are doing something.  Having that logical reasoning behind why you are doing what you do gives you a purpose and a guide in some essence to what you should be doing to fulfill that Why factor.   If you are starting a business or a new endeavor, I encourage you to figure out your Why first.  It might come right away to you or you might have to dig a little bit.  The easiest way I have found to dig deeper is to just keep asking yourself Why –

For example – Say you like the outdoors. Why?  – ” It makes me happy” Great start! now.. ask yourself Why the outdoors makes you happy –  ” because of the fresh air and the sun” –  Great! Again, ask yourself Why the fresh air and sun – ” Because the fresh air reminds me of playing outside as a kid and running around without a care in the world.  The sun is warm and reminds me of being at the pool with family and friends”   Right there – That is your reason Why you love the outdoors.  Yes, it makes you happy – but the real reason you like the outdoors is that it reminds of your carefree childhood and playing with friends and family in the sun. 

If you aren’t sure where to get your Why – Start with that exercise and I promise it will help you dig deeper to find out Why!


I have many reasons why I love photographing weddings and engagements… I could probably write a novel about it…. but I do have 2 very clear reasons Why I love what I do.   The first reason revolves around my couples. I am always so happy to meet with new couples who are so cheerful and joyful about not only their wedding but also their marriage together.  Getting to know my couples during the happiest time in their life so far is huge and I am always so humbled by the fact that they let Scott and me into their lives for this season.  I am able to share my gift of photography with our couples and I am able to serve our couples by giving them beautiful photographs from their engagement and wedding.  To me this is huge.  Photographs take you back to that exact moment in time  – to what you were feeling, thinking and experiencing at that moment the photo was taken.  Knowing that I am able to give our couples those moments for forever is so incredible.  I know that our couples are going to experience their wedding memories for so many years to come and knowing that gives me such Joy!


The second reason I photograph weddings and engagements is that I come from a long list of entrepreneurs in my family.  In some case, you can say it is in my blood at this point!  I have always had a strong drive to run my own business and make my own path.  I have loved being creative from when I was little and taking photos was one of the biggest ways that I was able to be creative.  Being able to marry how I love to be creative and fulfilling that need to be an entrepreneur is amazing and gives me the momentum to always want to be working, trying new things, learning new things to service my couples better and always improve the experience for my couples.


I am so happy I am able to photograph weddings and engagements for couples.  I have been photographing weddings for 10+ years now and it is truly a joy to do.  I couldn’t even imagine being in another line of work.  I would never be able to meet and enter into all the lives of our amazing couples and photograph their special moments.  I can’t thank our couples enough that have worked with us and let us into their lives and join in with their family and friends.  As we begin this 2018 wedding season, I know that we have so many beautiful love stories we get to photograph this year and we can not wait.



Why I love to photograph weddings and engagement sessions lewis center ohio



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