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May 21, 2018

Franklin Park Conservatory Columbus, Ohio

Wedding Venue Spotlight


Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio is truly an amazing wedding venue.  It has so many gorgeous options for places to have your wedding ceremony and reception! Not to mention the built-in rain option in case the weather goes bad.   It is always such a treat to photograph a wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory.


Wedding Ceremony Locations

One thing I love about Franklin Park Conservatory is the fact that it has so many options for a wedding ceremony.  We have been in The Palm House and The Bridal Garden.  Both locations are beautiful and offer a little different feel.  The Palm House feels like you are in a lush and tropical rainforest with gorgeous Chihuly glass accents and water fountains. The amazing light show by light artist James Turrell really illuminates the John F. Wolfe Palm House at night time.  It is a perfect atmosphere to enjoy your reception and the ceremony!


The Bridal Garden is one of my favorites as it provides a smaller and more intimate outdoor wedding ceremony.  It is tucked away behind trees and lush vegetation.  It is a beautifully sculpted alter area for ceremonies.



Wedding Receptions:

The John F. Wolfe Palm House has double duty as it has been used for many receptions.  We have photographed receptions inside the palm house and enjoyed it so much!  I have to say that my new favorite location for photographing receptions is The Grove.  I absolutely love outdoor receptions!  They are my favorite to attend and to photograph.  I am probably very biased on that since our own wedding ceremony was oceanfront and our reception was on the beach house patio!  There is just something amazing about having the open sky above you! The Grover is a really special treat since the James Turrell light show lights up the Palm House and you have it in the background. Gorgeous!

Fun Tip:

Did you know that you can do a butterfly release?  Yep! In the Pacific Islands Biomed, you can have a butterfly release!! How neat is that?


Bride & Groom Photos and Wedding Party Photos

Could any other place be more gorgeous to take photos than being surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens?   I do love an amazing field, but there is beauty in lush flowers and vegetation everywhere you look!  One of the best features of the conservatory is the fact that if it does rain – you always have the option to be shooting inside the conservatory which is a perfect rain plan!    The last time we were there it actually did sprinkle a little bit – but we were still able to shoot all of the wedding party outside and our couple – Adrienne and David loved the conservatory so we made sure we had plenty of time to explore and capture images inside the conservatory.

couple standing outside the franklin park conservatory john f wolfe palm house Franklin Park Conservatory Wedding Venue The John F. Wolfe Plam House wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremonies in the bridal garden with a reception in The Grove and The Palm House. Best places to have your wedding if it rains. Golden doodle dog and blush bridesmaids dresses


Franklin Park Conservatory as a wedding venue is another favorite of mine and we love photographing weddings at the Conservatory and at Wells Barn which is right next door to the Conservatory!


Franklin Park Conservatory Wedding Venue The John F. Wolfe Plam House wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremonies in the bridal garden with a reception in The Grove and The Palm House. Best places to have your wedding if it rains.

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