Dock 580 wedding venue Columbus Ohio wedding venues

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January 14, 2014

Dock 580 wedding venue Columbus Ohio wedding venue


Let’s talk about Dock 580 wedding venue located in Columbus.   Dock 580 wedding venue Columbus Ohio wedding venue is a pretty nifty venue – there are a couple places that you can actually get married. The Loft and The Venue.  The Loft is the wedding area that I have had the most experience with since that is where I have photographed a wedding before.  I thought The Loft was pretty awesome as far as wedding venues go.  You can get married upstairs, have your cocktail hour downstairs and then dinner upstairs and dancing downstairs.  You might be thinking that it is a lot of back and forth, up and down, but it really isn’t that bad.   They have a floor cut out that really opens the top level to the bottom level so that you can see what is going on.  I loved that during the reception because guests that wanted to stay upstairs in the quieter loft area for conversation could still partake in the wedding activities and not be left out.  Several groups of people and couples would hang out by the railings to watch people dance while they have their conversations.  The downstairs area was bustling and a giant dance party!    The upstairs and downstairs has great windows that let in gorgeous amounts of daylight.  It was pretty cloudy on the day that I was there and the windows let in really pretty diffused light!

As I said above I do not have a ton of experience with The Venue since I have only been in The Loft.  From what I could gather of The Venue it is a gorgeous location as well.  They have lots of decking for your guests to spread out onto, plus a small garden space near the decking to have your ceremony and for guests to enjoy during your reception.  The doors open up between the two spaces to really create a indoor/outdoor feel to the entire reception.   There was another wedding going on at this location while the one that I was photographing at The Loft was going on.  The guests at The Venue wedding seemed to be enjoying themselves and the venue.  I know for a fact that we could not hear their party going on while we were partying it up in The Loft.   So, if you are worried about maybe hearing the other wedding or anything like that during your wedding – don’t worry! We couldn’t hear a thing!   The people at Dock 580 were great about timing the ceremonies so that they wouldn’t overlap with each other and wouldn’t be overlapping with any receptions as well. Big bonus on that!

Another great thing about Dock 580 is that the garden space is nice for taking pictures and they have all the gorgeous decking/railing out front.  We weren’t really able to use this area because the other wedding was about to start.  We did take most of the family formals with the garden hedges as the backdrop since that was close to the venue and perfect for the family to easily walk to and then once we were done with them – they could easily walk back into cocktail hour.   I was then able to hop on a bus with the bridal party and we headed about 1 minute down the road to some awesome buildings and open space.  This is probably one of the greatest things about where Dock 580 is located – it has tons of fun buildings and spaces that are all with in a 5 minute drive!    We were able to bring in some awesome textures and landscapes from the surrounding buildings that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise if we had just stayed at Dock 580.

So there you go!  That is my opinion of Dock 580, The Loft and The Venue.  I hope this has helped you while looking at the Dock!  If you have any specific questions about this venue that you would like to ask me  – please feel free to send over an email and I will answer it as best I can!   Dock 580 did not pay me for this blog post – I just want people to know about my experience from a photographers point of view on what was great or maybe not so great about the venue!


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