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March 24, 2017

Wyatt is 11 Months Old Today!

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Wyatt is 11 Months Old!


How is my baby almost a 1 year old?


I seriously can not believe I am writing  – Wyatt is 11 months old! It is insane to think that he is almost a one year old. How is that possible?  How is it that almost a year ago I was super pregnant and still had a month left to go before we got to meet him! That seems like forever ago! Legit – an entire lifetime ago!


I know that I haven’t shared a whole lot about Wyatt on the blog.  He is mostly seen on insta-stories and Instagram.   All of our couples think he is adorable when they see him on Instagram and a few lucky couples have been able to meet him in person.  I am working on making it a point to share more of him on the blog – not to much though since this is first a wedding photography blog… but, I do want to share the main highlights of his life on here.  One of my goals for 2017 was to share more personal stories on the blog.  I share weddings, engagement sessions and education information on here, but I want to make it more personal and I believe these past couple months I have been doing pretty good!  I always want to make sure that whatever I am posting is adding value to your life. You are taking the time out to read this blog and I want to make sure it is worth your time!


In honor of Wyatt turning 11 months old today – here are some fun pictures from this morning’s photo shoot.  I took them outside since it is so nice this morning which means that we had cats outside to look at!   It was a fun challenge since he would not sit still unless he was in a box… and the box I had brought out so he could show off his standing skills and lean against it.  I totally forgot that was my plan, so he ended up sitting in it! Maybe I can get some of him standing later this weekend!

This is what really happens during the session – Cats photobombing!


…and he is totally over the photo session


I am an Ohio based photographer who loves photographing weddings and engagements, traveling to beautiful sandy beaches, running after our adorable son Wyatt and border collie Bentley. A chips and salsa freak. Lover of  coconut smelling lotions - candles - tea  - desserts and... well anything that smells coconuty, and finally warm summer nights on our patio!  Come hang out with me on Instagram and Facebook!

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