3 of my Best Tips for Having a Successful Relationship With Blogging

March 30, 2017

3 of my Best Tips for Having a Successful Relationship With Blogging

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3 Tips for Blissful Blogging!


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3 of my Best Tips for Having a Successful Relationship With Blogging


Blogging. Let’s be real here, not a lot of people like to blog! I know that I have always had a love-hate relationship with it. I love blogging and sharing content and pictures and information about our photography sessions with the world, but I hate the time it takes to actually write a blog post.


I used to blog maybe once or twice a month if I was lucky. It would take so many days to produce a blog post and so, by the time I was finished and had published the post, I was excited to be done and didn’t even want to think about the next post! Over the years I have gotten a little bit better about it and then one of my main goals for 2017 was to really get blogging down to a system. I wanted to blog steadily in 2016, but with the birth of our son, his health problems and just life in general, blogging kind of got pushed to the backburner for lack of having developed a system. Once 2016 was coming to a close, I made sure that 2017 would be different, and the way I approached my blogging would be different. I needed a system.


Right now I have an amazing system that works great for me and I want to share it with you in my 3 best blogging tips!

1. Make yourself a content calendar!


This fixes the problem of not knowing what to blog about. Print yourself a monthly calendar or you can use a handy program like co-schedule that lets you do it digitally. The main goal is just do what works for you. I have tried both, and personally I love putting pencil to paper and using a printed out calendar. Writing all of my posts out for the entire month or even two months means I am never left looking at a blank computer screen asking myself what I am going to write about this week, or today! It is already figured out on the calendar. If you want the same calendars I use for my blog prep you can download the PDF here!


2. Write the posts a week before they are published.


This alone has helped me so much! I write almost all of my posts the week before. Life isn’t always perfect and technically I am writing this post on Tuesday and I plan to post the blog on Friday – so this one is happening in the same week. But, the principal is still there that I am not writing the post and immediately publishing. I am not up against a deadline to get it online. I have several days, if not a full week, before it ever goes online. This concept has taken so much stress away from blogging because I know I have time to do the post.


3. Do your blog in sections.


This might not work for everyone, so I will just put this disclaimer up now! I have found that I work best when I sit down and write all the text for the blog posts that week all at once. This means I am sitting and typing out 2-3 blog posts per week. I know a lot of photographers and other creatives like doing the text and then the pictures and keeping everything included in an individual blog together as they work on it. That is totally fine! If that works for you, then keep doing it! For me, it is just easier to crank out all the text at once, figure out keywords, titles, seo and the fun stuff. Once I am done with the text, I go into picture mode and grab all the images I plan to use for the blog post. I make them web friendly as a smaller file size with BlogStomp. Once I get all the images and process them then into WordPress, I put all the pieces together to make the blog!


Hopefully, these tips help you in your blogging journey!


Click below for the free printable calendars for April, May, and June!


April Content Calendar

May Content Calendar

June Content Calendar


Do you have any questions about blogging? Leave them in the comment section or email me at Pipersgallery@gmail.com!

I am an Ohio based photographer who loves photographing weddings and engagements, traveling to beautiful sandy beaches, running after our adorable son Wyatt and border collie Bentley. A chips and salsa freak. Lover of  coconut smelling lotions - candles - tea  - desserts and... well anything that smells coconuty, and finally warm summer nights on our patio!  Come hang out with me on Instagram and Facebook!

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