Little Brook Meadows Wedding in Lancaster Ohio | Andrew + Alexandria


January 21, 2016

Andrew + Alexandria


A Little Brook Meadows Wedding in Lancaster Ohio Pipers Photography

A Little Brook Meadows Wedding in Lancaster Ohio


Andrew and Alexandria’s wedding at Little Brook Meadows in May was the perfect coming home wedding for us.  Scott and I had just married a couple weeks prior in the outer banks on our beach front wedding and coming home to photograph a wedding at one of our favorite wedding venues was the perfect welcome home gift.   Alexandria and Andrew were the perfect couple as well!   Alexandria was a roommate with my sister during college and I was so excited to be able to see her again and photograph this special day for her!

We were able to use all of the grounds at Little Brook Meadows including the manor house and the barn for their reception.  I must say that I love the room for the girls to get ready in, the master bedroom is so light and airy.  It always provides beautiful natural light that just goes so great for getting ready photos!  Alexandria was surrounded by all of her loving bridesmaids who helped her get ready and laugh while enjoying the morning festivities.  Scott was with Andrew and the guys as they got ready in the lower level of the manor house.  Even though I wasn’t down there while the guys got ready, just looking at the pictures that Scott captured it is so easy to tell that the guys were having just as much fun as the girls were having upstairs!

Once everyone was ready to go, Alexandria and Andrew did a first look on the front patio.   I am always so excited when couples do a first look.  Not only is this a great time to spend more time with our bride and groom to capture more images of them together – it is a great time for them!    During a wedding day the minute a bride and groom see each other, they usually never have a spare moment of just them by themselves.  The first look is always a great moment where our couples are able to spend some time together without anyone around them to chat and say hello.  Once our couples are ready then we start taking formal pictures of them and add in the wedding party.   This is exactly what we did with Andrew and Alexandria and it was perfect for them!  It did start to sprinkle towards the end of the picture time, so we went back under the cover of the patio and finished up some more!

The ceremony was delayed a couple of minutes by the rain, but it did stop eventually and they were able to have their perfect outdoor ceremony in front of the barn at Little Brook Meadows.  A couple of rain drops fell during the processional, but that stopped right when Andrew and Alexandria were together in front of the barn!

Little Brook Meadows is such a large area that it is perfect for their formal images.  We didn’t have to go anywhere to finish up all of their family formals, wedding party formals and pictures of just the two of them.  That is one thing I love about Little Brook,  they have so many gorgeous little nooks and special places that you never need to go to any other location for pictures!  The reception was also held in the barn with a live band! My favorite!



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