Mentor Experience

I absolutely love mentoring new and experienced photographers.  It is a joy to be able to dive into someone else's business and see where they are struggling, where they are thriving and create an action plan for them.  One of my best moves in my business was having a mentor session.  It helped me see exactly where I needed to put more effort, what I was doing right and what I needed to be doing in order to achieve my goals.   I want the same for you! 



I do a limited number of mentor sessions and only do 10 per year to really focus on each person that I help. 

How many Mentor Sessions do you do a year? 

Yes! I send a questionnaire to start with that gives me all the details about your business, goals and several other items.  It gives me a specific look at your business and a place to start.  Once we are in our session we dive into exactly what you want to talk about. 

Is it really catered to my business? 

If you live out of state - you can travel here to Ohio and have a regular in person mentor session or we can do a shorter online session.  The online session does not include new headshots 

What happens if I am out of state? 

The mentor session is  3 hours long in person session where we focus on your business.  You will leave the session with an action plan and knowing exactly what you need to do to propel your business forward.  We will also grab lunch out to chat more about photography and new headshots after lunch!  During the whole process you will be able to ask as many questions as you want! 

What is included in the mentor session? 

Yes! I do a 3 month Check in to make sure that you are still going strong.  I know sometimes motivation is really high when you get home, but after a month or so motivation can vanish.  I want to make sure you are staying with the action plan and answer any questions that come up as you were completing your action plan.  The check in is done via a phone call. 

What happens after the session? Do you check in? 



2 hours of online Mentor session with video chat.  Action plan is created and you can ask as many questions as you like. You will also receive a follow up 3 month check in phone call.


Online Mentor Session

3 hour of Mentor session In-Person  with an action plan created and as many questions answered as possible.  Headshots and Lunch 


full Mentor Session


2018 dates only